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jim:  I remember our discussions about making this feature same as 1.2.3 (no change in output driver when launching in headphones mode).  To remedy any drastic volume changes when starting DPS, we set the DPS volume level same as the headphone output level on launch.  Does this cause any problems with your setup?  Remember, if we don’t set the device output to max, keyboard volume controls will not allow you to ever achieve max volume (if you like that sort of thing).

hans:  The memory will always fluctuate because DPS is always processing the audio stream (even during silence).  However, the reason the fluctuations are going up above 100MB has to do with .NET garbage memory handling.  We are currently looking into ways to minimize this, however, Microsoft best practices state that .NET should handle all memory allocation duties.  There is also the possibility that memory usage is not getting reported properly (perhaps because it is changing constantly).  During my analysis using ANTS, I noticed anomalies that did not line up with Windows resource monitor.

I should mention that everyone should be looking at the Private column in Windows resource monitor (not task manager).  To launch this run resmon from the command line.

With regards to memory usage, we ask everyone to notice if this is actually causing noticeable performance issues on your machine.  If so, please let us know so we can re-create the issue.  Thanks!