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I stopped the signup once we reached 60 people.  Obviously 60 are not participating here.  No big deal, I just don’t want to proliferate alpha versions to much and cause confusion.  We are hoping to get a few hundred more on board when we start the beta testing.

ruslang and all of you waiting anxiously for new builds,

Here are some of the exciting things in our pipeline so you can get an idea of why DPS 2.0 may appear slow to develop:

  • Check out the news page on our corporate site.  We have a major TV manufacturer integrating DPS into their products as we speak.  This is very intensive and requires the efforts of our whole team.
  • Have you seen our SDK website?  This is the nexus of DPS 2.0.  All of our audio processing code is now consolidated for use by any manufacturer on almost any operating system.  This is a major project I spearheaded last April and is finally growing to fruition.  The backend work I mentioned is related to this.
  • Bongiovi medical – I’m on the medical research team as well.  It’s great making your speakers and headphones sound good.  But now we are using DPS to help save lives.  This is the kind of work that lifts the soul.

It’s going to be an exciting year, my friends!