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  1. Our first official beta will include profile downloading.  Even though all of the other features are finished we consider our software alpha until all designed features are testable.
  2. We are going to refine the automatic volume adjustment in the next version this way:
    1. The checkbox enables/disables automatic volume adjustment at startup only.
    2. This will apply to all output modes.
    3. During shutdown of DPS, the current volume of the Digital Power Station driver will always be transferred to the hardware output driver.
  3. CPU load is caused by 2 things in DPS:
    1. The frequency visualizer – When data from our C++ processing is brought into the .NET GUI, CPU usage increases.  Un-check “Enable Visualizer” in the Settings tab to prevent this transfer and save CPU usage.  You may see 50% reduction in CPU by disabling the visualizer.
    2. The DPS processing algorithm is very sophisticated.  The code has been heavily optimized but there are still a lot of moving parts.  We also have the ability to bypass some parts of the DPS algorithm if they are not needed.  We will be creating new optimized versions of some of the profiles that will incur less CPU usage.
  4. The newest version of the DPS processing code will work at multiple sample rates.  And all of the DPS processing occurs in floating point math which is higher quality than 24bit.
  5. Regarding latency and WASAPI compatibility – We don’t necessarily want to have the DPS driver work in exclusive mode.  The DPS driver must work with many different applications at the same time.  Exclusive mode may force the DPS diver into a sample rate or other mode that is not compatible with another app.  Also, we are aware of the small latency that is occurring and we are working to resolve that now.  Our OSX driver has zero latency so our Windows driver will too.