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whether you can transfer the all text part GUI, from dps.exe> file FontsAndColors, as you did in version 15a, something it was possible to localize the text GUI dps2 – FULL?
p.s. – About dps for anroid: Prompt what better to choose a profile for a tablet Tegra Note7 – with NVIDIA PUREAUDIO 2.0 speakers
a. for BT headphones, b. for 3.5 headphones, and c. listen through the built-in speakers 2.0
[quote=62515]Even though DPS processes in floating point mode, for the Windows OS the driver identifies as excepting only 16bit integers, right? Doesn’t that mean, that Windows OS will downconvert 24bit to 16bit *before* passing it to DPS, so losing some quality?[/quote]

I’m talking about the same and say that windows mode wasapi cuts hkz & bits driver-level DPS, rather than 24bits with “,” and non 48khz