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I tested DPS version 2.0.0a17 on windows 10 build 10147 (latest build) and I have the following problems:

– The installation goes well, the interface appears on screen but there is no audio processing. When I go to playback devices and click test audio on “DPS speakers” it says “failed to play test tone”. Also when I play any song, there are no sound level meters moving.

– I’m running a dual boot with windows 7 (x64) , I already uninstalled DPS on windows 7 and then reinstalled it on windows 10 but it’s still not working.

– I set my audio device (Realtek High Defenition Audio) to 16 bit 44100 Hz but no result.

Maybe Microsoft changed something in this build or it’s because of the dual boot?

Hope you can find a solution, if there are any other questions, just ask.


Greetings and keep up the good work!