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Thanks, caveman1972.

I’ve added DPS 2.0.0a19 to the Dropbox folder.  Here is the install procedure for Windows 10:

  1. De-activate DPS 2.0 on your Windows 10 computer.
    1. Go to ACTIVATION tab.
    2. Click DEACTIVATE.  The DEACTIVATE button will only appear if you have already activated with your email and password.
  2. Uninstall DPS 2.0.
    1. Use File explorer to browse to C:Program FilesBongiovi AcousticsDPS 2.0
    2. Launch the unins000.exe.
    3. Follow instructions for uninstalling.
  3. Launch the new DPS 2.0.0a18b installer.
  4. Launch DPS 2.0.
  5. Go to the ACTIVATION tab and use your email and password to activate.

For some reason, audio drivers that only support one sample rate are still not working properly in Windows 10.  We added the ability to switch to 48k sample rate in the driver for DPS 2.0.0a18b.

DO NOT SWITCH TO 48k, it will not work.  Leave the sample rate at 44.1kHz.

Just adding the other sample rate in the menu allows the driver to work.  Obviously we want a more elegant and permanent fix.  We are still working with Microsoft to resolve the issue.