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Can you describe the error you are getting on your Win 10 Pro system?  Please provide some more details so we can help solve the issue.

To clarify the activation for test software:

  • Activate all versions of DPS using the email and password you used to purchase our software at our online store.
  • DPS 1.2.4 and DPS 2.0 may use up 2 activations because of differences in authentication.  If this is your experience, please contact us and we will add another activation to your account for testing DPS 2.0.  This activation is yours to keep and it will not expire.
  • The current version of DPS 2.0 behaves just like DPS 1.2.4 for activations.  It has a 48 hour demo period with a 10 minute demo every time you start after that.  The test expiration date (currently set to October 1, 2015 for DPS 2.0.0a19) ensures that we don’t have test versions of our software floating around the internet forever.  Just install the latest version when the old one expires.  Your activation will remain valid.