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Hi, everyone!

I am happy to announce we are tentatively scheduling the full release of DPS 2.0 for sometime in October.  You will see the web based parts change quite a bit between now and then.  But it seems our audio processing is stable.

We have found there are issues occurring on some systems when Windows 10 updates are pushed out and/or when folks upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  Symptoms include no audio or profiles failing to load.  We have found deleting the .NET preferences fixes the issue.  No reinstall is required.

  1. Quit DPS 2.0
  2. Use File Browser to go to OS(c:)–>Users–><your user>–>App Data–>Local–>Bongiovi_Acoustics
  3. Delete all folders in Bongiovi_Acoustics
  4. Launch DPS 2.0