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I’m not sure why the audio should sound “boxy” with DPS off.  Can you provide more details about your system and the playback application you are using?

Try this procedure to switch between DPS processing and straight audio path:

  1. Open the Windows Sound Control Panel.
  2. Launch DPS.  Notice Digital Power Station becomes the default playback device.
  3. Play your test audio in your favorite player.
  4. Be sure DPS processing is working by clicking the B Button on/off.
  5. In the Windows sound control panel, notice the green audio level meters.  There should be meters in Digital Power Station AND your speaker or headphone output.
  6. While audio is playing, make your headphone or speaker output the default playback device.  This should immediately bypass DPS and you will hear the normal sound of the audio player.
  7. Make Digital Power Station the default playback device to switch back to DPS audio processing.
  8. DPS 1.2.4 or the audio player may crash during this procedure.  Just relaunch to continue.  DPS 2.0 is much more stable during this kind of operation.

Let us know what you find.