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Well I gotta say, I’ve just installed version 2.0 and it seems that the problem is 80% gone. I say 80% gone, because there’s a volume increase when I quit DPS, HOWEVER, the actual volume setting doesn’t change. What I mean is that, it stays at whatever volume I was at, but it sounds quieter when DPS is running. I FEEL that there’s also a decrease in clarity when DPS is running (processing: OFF), but it might be due to the volume. My speakers have more volume than I’ll ever need, so I don’t mind this problem, but for laptop users looking to improve their sound, it’s kinda counter-intuitive.

I’ve also noticed that you can’t really use any profiles now, and the default one is rather bassy, even for movies. Anyway, it’s alpha, so I have high hopes for the final product. Will we need to re-buy it when version 2.0 is out?