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Actually, the values for the output AGCs inside the profile are attached to the logic that controls the signal flow and don’t necessarily correspond to a specific component becoming bypassed.

We have a batch converter to change all of the Mac profiles into the new format.  Older profiles do not have 2 band or low band modes, only full band and 3 band.  So in the converted profiles you are getting 3 band mode unless bypass_multiband = 1.  It is counter intuitive for legacy reasons.

You are correct that profiles with 0dB gain in the filters should be bypassed to save CPU usage.   The impact is very small for any normal PC, but it is good practice.  Most likely we will solve that issue in the DPS core processing code base with a bit of logic; if gain = 0 then skip this band.  The compressors (AKA automatic gain controller (AGC) / dynamic range controller (DRC)) take up much more CPU than the filters which is why we have so many AGC modes to choose from.

I’m sure you will happy to know there is a profile editor for everyone in the works.  Our current editor/creator is very complex and is provided only to OEM clients.  But we would like to see a community come together to create new and exciting profiles that we can all share.  I’ll have more info on that later this year.