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It’s all good, Mr. Farts. We like silly names!

The beta test program is for folks who have previously purchased a DPS plugin activation at   The same email and password will work.

We need answers to the questions I posted above.  So if you are able to give us some good feedback here on the forum I’ll send a free activation your way.   Email me at to discuss.

Regarding the official release and current customers

  • In a few weeks we will be officially releasing DPS 2.0.
  • The first release will be an extended free trial.  It will have less features than the version you are currently testing.
  • After the initial release, we will be pushing out regular software updates.
  • The ability to purchase will be added shortly.  There will be several levels of purchase available depending on what features a customer wants.
  • All customers who currently own DPS 1.x activations will be granted the highest level activation of DPS 2.0. Some of these details are still to be determined but this does include beta testers who received a free activation.

DPS 2.0 is an entirely new system for interacting with Bongiovi and our tech.  The old web store will be phased out to make way for the new customized service.  We are super excited about all the new bells and whistles and we are very grateful for your help testing!