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DPS 2.0.0b1 is now in Dropbox

Version 2.0.0b1

  • Fixed the StatsD exception at startup.
  • Changed name of app to Bongiovi DPS.
  • Limit bass/treble controls to vertical only.
  • Reset buttons are only shown if user touches the corresponding controls.
  • Added new installer assets.
  • Hide Profile tab.
  • Updated Help and Skin assets.

Very observant hans!  All of the new profiles have been hand tweaked by myself to give a really great experience on as wide a range of devices as possible.  All of the custom profiles and fully unlocked controls will be available soon when the purchase system is in place.

Regarding the bell filters:   The tuning process is very much like mixing a record.  We continuously make adjustments to the parameters while we listen to a wide range of music and movies.  Very often, we find an eq boost or cut is not necessary and we will bypass the band to hear the immediate effect of removing it.  If the effect is good then the band will remain bypassed even though the gain is not 0dB.  Basically, you are seeing the artifacts of our tuning process.

I have completed the process of converting all of our old profiles to the new bgvx format.  In many cases (especially for profiles that were made for iOS or Windows) the gain values had to be adjusted to the new headroom scheme in DPS 2.0.  There are a lot of twiddly details surrounding our consolidating all platforms into DPS 2.0 but suffice to say some profiles were no longer viable in their original form.  I tried to stay true to the original intent of the sound while giving them an update to match the quality of the newer profiles.

If you want the old bgva profiles that came with earlier alpha versions of DPS 2.0 just let me know.  They are all compatible.  The only issue is bgva is not really an editable format.  The new bgvx format is fully parametrized so it is easily ingested into our tuning software for tweaks.

Let me know if you have any other questions.   Cheers!