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Thanks for the CPU usage info for the visualizer.  This is similar to my Intel computers.  We have converted all bgv2 (OSX) and bgv (iOS) to the new format.  The bgvw format (Windows DPS 1.x) were originally converted from bgv2 so we do not need to convert those.  All profiles we be made available in the full paid version of DPS 2.0.

We will also look into the crash when disconnecting HDMI or any other audio device while audio is playing.  I hope we can catch that error switch the driver gracefully.  However, this will depend on how the NVidia or other audio hardware driver behaves during this issue.


I also got this error when I upgraded from a20 to b2.  This error only occurred on first run.  Without rebooting, the error was gone when I launched DPS the second time.  I think this may be related to old settings left over from a20.

You will also notice we changed the name of the app to “Bongiovi DPS” to be more in line with our brand.  This may cause some issues for users who had the app named “DPS 2.0” on their system.  Uninstall/reinstall seems to resolve this.

The fuzzy EQ text may be related from old preferences saved from DPS 2.0.0a20 or before.  You may delete preferences by deleting all folders in c:Users<your user>App DataLocalBongiovi_Acoustics

The equalizer frequencies will be fixed for the extended free trial version being released in 2 weeks.  b2 is testing this change.  We will have a new beta version soon that has this limitation removed to demonstrate the future full version.  The full version (which all of you will be getting) will have unlimited controls and access to all current and future profiles.


The Stereo Controls in DPS 2.0 are originally designed for speaker systems to provide a more immersive sound field.  When in headphones mode, we are using this feature to adjust the stereo field toward the center to make certain music recording more comfortable.  So at maximum width (circles far apart) the stereo image is just a little wider than normal.  Moving the circles together will pan the stereo image to the center.  This really helps when listing to older recordings like The Beatles or Rolling Stones where they liked to pan the drums to one side and the vocals to the other.  Moving those instruments to the center makes the listening experience much more comfortable.

In future versions we will incorporate our new Headphone Enhancer feature.