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We are refactoring the Stereo Controls now for a b3 version that is coming this week.  As you are experiencing, the method behind those controls was getting old and was not keeping up with the features in the new bgvx format.  This will be the new logic:

  • When loading a bgvx profile the Stereo Controls will reflect the stereo enhancement amount encoded in the profile.  It will also switch the Stereo Controls on or off depending on the settings in the profile.  All headphone profiles will default to off.  Enabling stereo controls for headphone profiles will allow panning of instruments to the center.
  • When loading a bgva profile, a bswt profile will also be loaded so valid data is available in the stereo enhancement algorithm.  Loading a bgva profile will default the Stereo Controls to off because they do not contain their own stereo enhancement data.  Switching Stereo Controls on will enable the default parameters.