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Release of DPS 2.0 is tomorrow!


Wow, this was a long time coming!  Here are the details:

  • Initial release of DPS 2.0 is an extended free trial.  This is to raise awareness of other products (Seiki TVs, Element Soundbars, Wicked Headphones etc) that include DPS processing.
  • Everything will be centered around our new website
    • There is a completely new server back end.   Your normal email and password will not work to login here.  Just create a new account at
    • Registration is open today for testing.  You may create an account and get the free trial of DPS 2.0.
      • You may see this message in Chrome danger
      • Click the small triangle on the right and choose Keep.  The website is SSL secured but the program is new so Google is still flagging it.   If enough people keep the file the flag will go away.
    • The beta and the free version cannot be installed together.  I will provide details about switching between them shortly.
    • may go in and out of maintenance mode throughout the day.
  • Everyone who owns an activation for DPS 1.x will receive an activation for DPS 2.0 PRO version when it is available.   DPS PRO will include many of the features you have tested previously.
  • I will be creating a page at the new DPS 2.0 Support Website about DPS 1.2.x/2.0 compatibility.  Both apps are able to be installed on the same computer with some caveats.
  • We will continue to support DPS 1.x for some time until all existing features (and more) are available in DPS 2.0.
  • The Mac version of DPS 2.0 is coming along nicely.  It will be ready for you to test as soon as possible.  I’m hoping that will be in 3 weeks or so.  This group will be the first to know about it.