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ruslang and the rest of the beta testers,

Feel free to try Bongiovi DPS available at  However, this version has limited features.  If you want to have features you have been testing, please install DPS 2.0.0b4.  

Let me clear up some confusion with these details:

  • I am putting all information for current customers at this link.
  • is a completely separate system from the old system.  Both systems must remain working so we can make this transition smooth.
  • You must make a new account at
  • The email and password you have been using to test DPS 2.0 will not work.
  • If you have been testing DPS 2.0 with us then you already have an activation on your account.  This activation will be transferred to the new when PRO version is available to the public.  You will not need to pay any more money.

If you are not satisfied with the features available in the current version of DPS 2.0, feel free to use DPS Plug-In 1.2.4.  When all DPS 2.0 features are available, the DPS Plu-In 1.x system will be phased out.

I know this is confusing at the moment but it’s the only way we can migrate into the shiny new system.  Feel free to ask questions here in the forum.  Thanks!