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My laptop is a MBP 15″ Retina (2014)

Well, so far so good. I uninstalled version 1 rebooted and installed version 2.
All settings seem to stick after reboot. Sound quality is just as good as version 1.

Couple of things:
When I plugged in my headphones (JLAB BOMBORA) a window popped up asking me what to do. I chose switch to headphone listening mode but that never happened. It was still on Desktop mode. Might want to look into that.

Also, the window that popped up asking was delayed by close to 8 seconds. Meaning when I plugged in my headphones the window took about 8 seconds before it informed me of my options. I feel like it should be instantaneous.

Another thing is that all Mac OS X windows can be dragged around by the title bar. The DPS preferences window cannot. It can be dragged from anywhere in the body of the window but not the title bar. This is backwards. It would be nice for it to work like all other apps and maybe a setting to disable “always on top”?

I’m going to keep playing around with it and hopefully it works well with my system.