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hi guys and thanks.

here are my initial findings.

– (others reported) preferences windows move/repositioning is kinda buggy and/or unpredictable. it may be difficult/confusing to find the location where pointer snaps to move the window. also its on top by default (might be nice to have an option to keep on top or not) need to close the window in order to focus back to the application on the background.

– Re-Sync turns off dps plugin by default, dont know if thats intentional.

– Check for updates not functioning correctly

– Switching themes, occasionally creates some sort of click sound

– new bass / treble control is kinda confusing. also the ball is off center (to right bottom) by default. dont know if also effects some value, since we cant see the values. it might be nice to have some sort of icon/text what x/y does. also, as an option, it might be nice to see and manipulate numerical values as an expert option. also, its possible to push the balls almost outside the box 🙂

– I am not happy with the current default mbp 15 unibody profile. also couldnt manage to find where to get other profiles.


mbp late 2011, i7 2.5, 16gb ram, osx 10.11.2

ps: want to have my blue bar icon back or at least give us a option to have bw or color icon 😛

ps 2: do we have some sort of specific bug report tool/location?