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Thanks for the feedback so far!  Here are some clarifications:

When I leave monitor sleep, the sound is cut for less than one second.

I’ll add this to our list of issues.

preferences windows move/repositioning is kinda buggy and/or unpredictable.
Might be nice to have an option to keep on top or not.

Yes,we agree.  We left out a few important areas that should be draggable.  And the “always on top” option makes sense.

Re-Sync turns off dps plugin by default

That’s a bug.  It’s now on the list.

Check for updates not functioning correctly

Correct.  This will be replaced with the Sparkle update feature.

Switching themes, occasionally creates some sort of click sound

We may be able to address this by switching DPS off while the theme is switching.

new bass / treble control is kinda confusing

The X/Y eq is a different method for tone control.  It takes advantage of the way a mouse or touch screen works instead of trying to emulate a hardware eq with a lot of knobs or sliders.  The frequency and gain will be displayed as you move the circle like this:eq help  We will also clean up the pixel placement so accuracy is better and RESET is in the center of the X/Y pad.

I am not happy with the current default mbp 15 unibody profile. also couldnt manage to find where to get other profiles.

Have you tried some of the other profiles?  One favorite is the MacBookPro 17″ profile.  It sounds great on a lot of the MacBooks.  We will be re-visiting these profiles to be sure they take advantage of DPS’s new features and meet our latest audio standards.

Regarding download of profiles.  We are currently testing the features of the STANDARD/BASIC version of DPS 2.0.  Like the Windows version, there will be limited profiles, limited eq and only on/off control of Stereo Enhancement.  Purchasing the FULL or PRO upgrade (we are still deciding on the name) will unlock our entire catalog of profiles and allow greater EQ and Stereo Enhancement control.  As always, users who own DPS 1.0.7 activations will receive the upgrade to DPS 2.0 FULL/PRO for free.

want to have my blue bar icon back or at least give us a option to have bw or color icon

No problem.  We know folks are fond of the old icon!  Check out this forum topic for changing the icon.

I’ll keep this thread posted with our progress.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!