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New Beta Test Version is available

Please check the Dropbox folder for the new version.

NOTE:  You will see a message from our auto update mechanism; “Insecure Update Error“.  You can safely ignore the message.  This message is temporary until we have the update loaded on our server.   Will test that in the next version.

Changes include: – public beta

  • Fixed issues with the Ask dialog responsiveness.
  • RTA calculations are now only made if the main window is open.
  • The main window is not always forced to the front and can now be behind other system windows.
  • Fixed issues with the Winter Worlds skin.
  • The beta timeout date is 6/1/2016. – internal release

  • Added statsd collection for certain functions.
  • Updated Setup Helper
  • Updated icons
  • Added support for updating the app using Sparkle.
  • Updated skins, help and icons.
  • Fixed an issue with high CPU usage when not playing audio.
  • Fixed some issues with dragging the main DPS window around screen.