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  • The EQ pad is still work-in-progress.  We see the issue with the circles.   We may not have the frequency and gain readout ready for the first release BASIC version.  However, the movement will be limited to up/down only so the controls will be more like normal bass/treble.
  • We cannot reproduce the registration nag.  Do you have 1.0.7 installed also?  Did you click “Always Allow” when DPS asked to use the Keychain?  Please let us know more about your system so we can make this problem happen on our computers.
  • We will address the clicking sound during skin switch later.  It is still on our list.
  • The DPS on/off, output mode selection, content selection and stereo on/off controls always remain on the left side of the UI for all tab selections.  Are you saying the Stereo Field controls with 2 circles is also appearing on a different tab than HOME?
  • I’m glad re-sync is working for you 🙂
  • As of the RTA is only active when the UI window is open.  When the UI window is closed the RTA function is not called.  The new RTA is more efficient than the Windows version and only adds 10-15% to the total DPS CPU consumption.
  • Sparkle is the open source library we use to provide secure software updates.  It is a very secure system so all components (web and client side) have to be in place for the messages you see to go away.   We will have another beta version soon that has the final Sparkle components in place.

Let me know if you have any questions!