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  • The EQ pad is still work-in-progress. We see the issue with the circles. We may not have the frequency and gain readout ready for the first release BASIC version. However, the movement will be limited to up/down only so the controls will be more like normal bass/treble.

cool, waiting to test /see it out (:

  • We cannot reproduce the registration nag. Do you have 1.0.7 installed also? Did you click “Always Allow” when DPS asked to use the Keychain? Please let us know more about your system so we can make this problem happen on our computers.

yes, and didnt have the problem on 1.0.7. and yes, always allow I clicked. if there is a way i can generate some sort of log, i can send it back to you guys.

in addition, it doesnt requires reboot, also, today, needed to quit and relaunch the dps, i also got the nag screen again, though, on the messages pane, it seems activated.

to check, i’ve cleared the com.bongiovi.dpsonline entry in the keychain and regenerated it, still, no joy.

my test system is an humble macbook pro late 2011, i7 2.5 16gb ram with ssd bla bla, mac os 10.11.2 installed


  • We will address the clicking sound during skin switch later. It is still on our list.

cool (:

  • The DPS on/off, output mode selection, content selection and stereo on/off controls always remain on the left side of the UI for all tab selections. Are you saying the Stereo Field controls with 2 circles is also appearing on a different tab than HOME?

your explanation cleared it out. some how, at first, i connected the on off switch and stereo field displacement controls, so it seemed weird to have the controls on other panes. but sure, why not 🙂

  • I’m glad re-sync is working for you :)

yeah me to (: tough, I have a dream, one day, we can live without having to use the resync anymore 🙂

just thinking out loud; isnt it possible to find a way to also, automate the resync? i.ex: since we are hooking up the sound output through dps, when system doesnt generates sound, on some sort of interval, dps can schedule to auto-resync. dunno. as I said, just thinking out loud.

  • As of the RTA is only active when the UI window is open. When the UI window is closed the RTA function is not called. The new RTA is more efficient than the Windows version and only adds 10-15% to the total DPS CPU consumption.

i think, i miss explained myself 🙂 i was talking about an overall switch 🙂 I mean, yeah its a nice eye candy, but, on reality, besides being eye candy, what is the use case for it? 🙂 i cant see the bands also, band/frequency-wise its too limited, doesnt have peak hold or adjust the fall speed or peak hold, cant see the difference between pre and post etc etc 🙂 btw is it post or pre, i mean the rta source? if, dunno if you have anything planned on the roadmap, we can start utilise the rta then hell yeah to have it. other than that, at least for me, its just an eyecandy. btw, for ios family, check out RTA Audio from AiNeuron s.r.o. its pretty handy on some cases when you cant get your hands on a proper rta. for example; if I can see the rta, and send signal band by band to my output, gradually, I can start fine-tuning the response range of and for my speakers/headphones. but this is advanced geekery 🙂 if you are interested to hear out my idea, i can try to explain the use case scenario on an email though I might ask for some sort of finders fee hehe 😛


  • Sparkle is the open source library we use to provide secure software updates. It is a very secure system so all components (web and client side) have to be in place for the messages you see to go away. We will have another beta version soon that has the final Sparkle components in place.

nice to meet with the sparkle 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions! [/quote]