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The nag screen is a weird one for us!  The only thing I can think of is there is a bit of code left over from 1.0.7 we missed and it is being triggered on your system.  This codebase has gone through several programmers hands over the years so this is a real possibility.  I will experiment with my hypothesis.


We actually do automate a lot of re-syncs to be sure video and audio are always in sync whenever a video is played.   You will see messages in the console like “silence detected, starting timer”.  We trigger a re-sync every 5 minutes during silence.  We also trigger a re-sync 2 seconds after launch.  We don’t want to trigger re-sync while audio is playing because you will hear a dropout.

Sitting in the middle of the OSX audio path, as DPS does, is a rather unnatural process.  There are a lot of kernel and Core Audio things happening in the background that are undocumented.  So we find ourselves treating symptoms rather than finding cures.  As always, we will continue to refine the experience.


The Windows version has a switch to turn off the RTA so it is totally reasonable to add this to the OSX version.  You are correct about it being eye candy!  There are many good RTAs out there that are useful for analytical purposes so I suggest you use those when making critical audio decisions.  We use Spectrafoo in our lab.

However, we will be implementing our RTA in the profile creation tools we have created for our OEM customers.  This will have calibrated output levels and some ability to change weighting and ballistics.  This RTA is based on cascading band pass filters instead of FFT so the CPU usage is better and the low frequency bands are more accurate.

The RTA is always placed after DPS processing so you can see the results of the DPS profile.  Turning DPS off will show the original audio spectrum.