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This is my first post so be gentle. 🙂

First of all, congratulations on getting out public beta for OS X and allowing users to get DPS for free. Great work!

Today’s beta expiration, unfortunately, messed things up and I can no longer test the software as I get “This version of Bongovi DPS has expired. Please upgrade to the latest version to continue to use” message no matter what I do.

The most notable issues I had with version have been been already reported by vukodlak75 (3rd post), but will repost since setup is different. I use MacBook Air 13″ (2012) with Sennheiser Momentum over ear and mostly in-ear ones for convenience.

The first thing I had issues with was registration itself. DPS was installed on a clean system, meaning no other DPS software or security software running in background. Due to reported bugs with UI, I had issues with setup/registration. I see that today’s update moved setup window(good thing). When I entered email and password DPS froze. I got spinning wheel (cursor) and application would not respond and CPU usage was high. I had to kill the process in Activity Monitor. Afterwards, application started normally and set up window appeared again and allowed me to configure the application.

I also had issues with delayed window when plugging in the headphones for the first time. It took approx. 8-10 seconds for windows to appear and and it did not switch.

Check for updates is broken (which you are aware of).

I am happy to report after a long time (Maverics broke it) I did not have to resync audio buffer and I did not get distorted/crackling sound like I did with version 1.x. I usually had issues with streaming/flash videos, but with 10.11.2 and v2.0.0.8 I watched streaming video (IPTV) for hours without distortion.

I do hope you will work more on UI. It could use some refinement and resembles Metro too much. 🙂 To be clear, at first, it is not clear what is On/Off (blue/white check-boxes), no deactivate button, not clear what is clickable and what isn’t – for example in Messages – Read More, Manage My Account, Check for update.

Hoping for more profiles and access to new ones in the future, even though I am fine with current ones as is.

I certainly do hope you work A LOT more on integration between –,,,… No offense, but it is a mess. Different profile for each. Not being able to edit profile (change email for example). In the future, is supposted to work as a hub, I assume? I realise it is not plugin related, so apologies.

Below are screenshots of registration/expiration issues I am having.

What I did, as stated, installed DPS. Had issues, as stated. Once I set it up all went well and I did not open or change things until I got expiration notice today. I updated and got the same message. Uninstalled/reinstalled, the same thing. Found out about hidden file inside Users folder. It seems to have reset the license, it did ask me for login again but it, again, froze the application.

I can no longer use the app but in trial mode. I deleted everything with bongovi – digitalpowerstation in name that I could find with Find My Files. Cleared caches/Rebooted in safe mode. Reinstalled the app. Repeated the step and still no luck bypassing error messages. I am not going to reinstall/restore the system just for DPS because everything else is working and it would take me days to set other things. If there is a way to clear out relevant files that the app checks but are cryptically named you can PM me to test it, if not…unless the future update resolves this I cannot test it.

xaqmusic, you state in your post from two days ago that:

The beta timeout date is 6/1/2016.

Is that correct?! If so, why such short timeframe. I got the same expiration date with previous beta, and the current one was released two days ago only to expire two days from its release with no new beta.

I am a bit confused.