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Thanks for the extensive feedback!  It really helps.  I just want to respond to a few things briefly (I’m at CES 2016 to time is tight at the moment) and will go into more depth later:

  • We found the cause of the “demo trial period is over” and this will be fixed in the next update.
  • I think I know why the beta timeout is happening.   The date is 6/1/2015 which, in the USA, is June 1, 2016 (month/day/year).   Is your date setup to be day/month/year?  That could be causing the issue and should be a simple fix.  We use the beta timeouts to be sure test versions and old versions aren’t floating around causing trouble.
  • If you are testing we have improved the high CPU and headphone detection issues in
  • We are also painfully aware of our scattered profile/web presence.  DPS 2.0 is all about simplifying this process.  We have a lot of legacy concerns so please bear with us during the transition.

more to come later…