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Thank you for fast, informative and quick reply. Especially since you posting live from CES. I really appreciate it!

I think the date format is the issue. Yes, I am in Europe and use day/month/year instead of month/day/year. 🙂 So, the cause of “all the issues” I am having is a simple bug time format bug. I was just confused by the entire thing as both betas expired at the same time.

Apologies on a bit of a mess in my post as I stopped/started writing it a couple of times and messed sentence structure.

I do hope my comment regarding websites was not taken negatively. 🙂 It is a non issue, but it might be confusing for some.

I am sure you are all hard at work with Windows release, CES, negotiating things with vendors, improving things and bringing end users new releases/better web experience.

First thing’s first, have fun at CES!