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Please consider users listening to music via an USB DAC. I currently have a Teac UD-501 and I have noticed 2 more bugs :

– When powering up my iMac Retina (late 2014), sometimes DPS does not “remember” that I’ve set output to the DAC and chooses the built-in input by default (the problem was here on 1.0.7 too).

-I had noticed some distortion with 1.07, I’ve never had idea to check whenever it could be due to the DPS. After installing, DPS on, not using EQ, Destop Speakers, Paris speakers profile, still distortion on some songs. I’ve is-nstalled and there’s more now distortion than on with the same songs. As I said, Teac UD-501 DAC USB connected, M-Audio DSM-1 monitoring, M-Audio SBX10 subwoofer. When I set DPS to off, magic! no more distortion. I play my music with Replaygain (album) on. To be honest, I’ve used other speakers profiles for testing purpose only, I always use Paris profile which sounds the best to me.