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Thanks for the kind feedback!   CES has been very successful and there are a lot of amazing projects on our plate this year.  Between our soundbar, headphone, TV, automotive, medical and DPS 2.0 programs we are going to be very busy!


I know why you are getting distortion.  The Mac Core Audio engine is the only OS platform that allows audio to exceed PCM 0dBFS.  This is because the audio path is 32bit floating point.  All Mac audio enhancers take advantage of this extra headroom that does not exist on Windows, Android or even iOS.  However, this only works on the Built-In output of your Mac.  A USB external speaker driver will convert the floating point samples to integers where the maximum output is limited to 0dBFS.  Any floating point samples that convert to a positive dB value will be clipped to 0dB and you will hear distortion.

We have two ways to address this.   First, you need to turn off “Volume Boost”.  This feature only exists on OSX for the purpose of pushing audio 6dB into the available headroom.  This is especially nice for laptop speakers.

It is also possible for us to add an option to turn on the new peak limiter function (this is default in Windows) for those Mac profiles that do not currently have it engaged.  The peak limiter will prevent any audio from exceeding 0dBFS and causing the distortion you hear.

What profile are you using that is causing distortion?   I can provide a version of the profile that has the limiter turned on.  I will check the Paris profile you mentioned to be sure the limiter is engaged.

Regarding “remembering” the USB output:  DPS will remember the last used output for each category.  However, if the output is does not exist at the time Bongiovi DPS launches it will “forget” the driver and automatically choose the default driver.  DPS cannot connect to a driver that is not available on the system.  Let me know if this is what you observe on your system.