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Based on your excellent feedback…

Version is now available in Dropbox

  • Fixed an issue with the Ask dialog where the app would stay in modal mode after dismissing the dialog.
  • Fixed an issue with playing the sample audio files in the help window.
  • Added the display of an info floater window while dragging in the EQ pads.
  • Fixed the issue with the unnecessary appearance of the activation nag dialog.
  • Removed the requirement to reboot after installing.
  • Fixed the issue where the beta timeout was incorrectly invoked on certain systems.
  • Volume boost is now turned off when DPS is turned off.
  • The “preferences” url command now opens the app to the Settings tab.
  • The EQ and stereo widening controls have limited functionality for the lite/free version.
  • The beta timeout date is 6/1/2016 (June 1st, not January 6th).

We are testing a few items for functionality:

  • Let us know if the remote control URLs are working.  Click Here for more info
  • After installing this update, was audio and the DPSReflector working properly?  Newer versions of OSX should not require a reboot after installing the DPS reflector.  Please let us know if you find any issues.