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Thanks for the great update. It is shaping up quite well.

I can confirm that beta timeout issue and Ask dialog box issues have been fixed. It switched to headphone mode and remembered it instantly. Good work!

One thing that took me by surprise was not being asked to reboot after install! 🙂 I thought my system was going nuts. I did it anyway because I thought it might have been bug until I saw this:

  • Removed the requirement to reboot after installing.

This is on latest developer build (10.11.4).

Bongiovi DPS Remote Control controls (remote control URLs) work without issues here. I quickly tested it and it closed, opened, switched profiles… Using latest Chrome dev build.

Small delay when switching between the modes (plugging headphones in) but I assume that is normal.

The issues I can report are:

  • Issue with log in window. “Application not responding” when presented with login window (registration). Still have to kill the process and application is registered nonetheless. It does not cause high CPU usage nor does it freeze the system. I assume this has to do with the update/registration system you are working on. Btw. this only happen when installing application for the first time. I do not get nags to register. I had 1.0.7 installed due to beta expiration issue
  • Under Output for Built in Speakers and Desktop speakers, besides Built-in output option I get “62” (screenshot below)
  • Volume Boost is disabled and does not stay on after qutting the application. So I have to check it every time when restarting computer/application.
  • I tried changing themes and while I do not get “click” all the time, it has happened a couple of times, but it is barely noticeable.
  • I do get thick border around “HOME, SETTINGS, MESSAGES, ABOUT” tabs when the application is active (screenshot below). But this could be display driver issue as well.
  • Sparkle insecure update error upon application launch (I know this was explained)


  • Option to toggle spectrum on/off in main application window. For CPU’s sake I hope it is off while main application is not running. 🙂
  • Monochromatic application icon. I am weird, but blue icon just sticks out among others. Prefer old behaviour black when active and grey when inactive.

Question regarding using shortcuts and application behaviour. I know that applications that run as processes and do not appear in Dock cannot be minimised, hidden… is this the case with DSP too? I do not know if I am asking this properly – common shortcuts CMD+H (hide), CMD+W (close) do not work. Only CTRL+Q (quit) and hitting big X button closes the window as CMD+W should do.