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In preparation for the release of the BASIC version of DPS 2.0, the controls for EQ and Stereo are locked as you can see.   The PRO/FULL version will be available soon.  The FULL version will include all custom profiles and unlock the EQ.  The FULL version will be a paid upgrade unless you already own an activation for DPS 1.0.7.  All current users will receive the upgrade for free.

I checked into the Paris profile and the limiter is indeed turned on.   Can you check to be sure the Volume boost is turned off when you hear distortion?  It seems some users are seeing the Volume Boost get turned back on after reboot.  Let us know.


The automatic updates are still not implemented in this build so you will see the Sparkle message.  This should be resolved next version (we are working on it as I type).

More responses to come soon…