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Thanks for all xaqmusic,

You don’t seem to have read all my previous posts :

-As I can hear the same crackles with my MacBook Pro Retina (late 2014, OS X 10.11.2), with Bose 2.1 speakers plugged via jack, I can say that it is not an hardware issue : nor my DAC, neither my iMac. Nor my MacBookPro, neither my Bose 2.1 speakers system…

-I’ve listened to the audio clip that I recorded with Sound Siphon : THIS IS A MYSTERY : While I was recording, I could hear the crackles. But when I listen to the clip, NO CRACKLES AT ALL !!!

-I DON’T USE the volume boost, nor with my MacBook Pro, neither with my iMac.

I’m gonna try your -6dB Paris speakers profile, but I’m sure that crackles will be still there… I let you know.



P.S. : The original recording of “Love” is not perfect, but as I said I don’t hear any crackles when listening to it through my DAP (Sony NW-ZX2 and Cowon Plenue M). It just sounds fine.