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Oops, my bad. Forgot to remove formatting before cutting and pasting text; Take II:

Thanks, Dan! 2.0 installed ok, no freezes, whatever. Logged in as well. Test tone copacetic. Strangely, enough toggling DPS On mutes the sound. Toggling 2.0 improves the sound (amplitude in any case.)! I tested several times and I’m positive the FX were reversed.

I then ran Audio Hijack Pro to see if I could record the toggle testing for you guys. I was able to but when I stopped the recording in Hijack Pro, I lost all sound, system wide!
Then .Zip compressed DPS vs. 1.07, Uninstalled the new Bongiovi DPS vs. 2.0 successfully and, as I’ve had to do when experimenting and lose system sound, Logged Out and In (Restart is not always necessary.)
Back in the saddle after the Login, I opened up iTunes and verified that audio was ok.
I then kept it running (not scientific, I know. Live dangerously) and re-installed DPS 2.0. It loaded toggled On, and sounded great (as uzual) so I toggled DPS Off, verifying that DPS 2.0 works!!! I’m listening to Ernie Watts and Chick Corea, 4Tune, as I type (highly recommend his work on outstanding Kurt Elling album with Lawrence Hobgood tribute to John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman’s album on Impulse. Highly – if you’re into jazz, that is.)
I went looking for DPS 2.0 install test, but there’s probably a counter file which recorder it running once.
First look at new Prefs? I’m really impressed – also with your default configs. It’ll be fun to fool around with the features!
1. when that strange reversal was happening I tried to pipe the sys sound through Audio Hijack but wasn’t able to before the sound crashed, so here’s the reccording, FWIW, but the signal did not route through DPS Reflector.
2. Do I detect a definitive improvement in fidelity between vs. 1.07 and 2.0? Signal (music) and separation sound to be much cleaner and clearer, with more substantial midrange.
Thanks and hope this helps.