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Great release!


    Finished implementation of Sparkle update mechanism.
    Toggling DPS on/off preserves user Volume Boost preference.


Both issues have been fixed for me. 🙂 I am very happy about this. One question though, does this mean that you will be testing new update mechanism in next release? Will it eventually be used for application updates or just as a notification center? Meaning, you will be redirected to a website to download and manually install the app?

One thing I do have to report is that I still have issue with login window freezing. When prompted to log in “Bongiovi DPS” process is not responding. I have to “kill it”/quit in Activity Monitor. I did click on “Always allow” when prompted by Keychain and waited for 15 minutes before quitting.

I do not know if these are by design/intended behaviour or bugs:

  • Plug-in Behaviour (Ask Dialogue box) when plugging in headphones for the first time and presented with options I choose intended settings and check to use it automatically, main DPS window is opened as well after clicking ok.
  • I believe this is what davidas3 meant, but cannot be sure. When you have DPS running and enabled going to System Preferences -> Sound -> Output and choosing different device for sound output will turn DPS off. For example, I have Internal speakers, DPSReflector and USB (DAC). Clicking on either/switching between (Internal speakers, DAC) and then selecting DPSReflector turns off DPS (no sound). But there is no need to uninstall/reinstall. Simply “Turning DPS On” from menu bar restores the sound. I believe this also happens with v1.

As for need for reboot. I tested this and there was no need for it under El Capitan. However, I did remove all files (preferences, profiles) before I installed beta and you might want to ask for more feedback from people who have/had version 1 installed.