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Hi. I forgot to mention that when I installed the x.012 Beta upgrade yesterday, a forced reboot was not necessary. I first quit any app which obviously accesses system audio (FCP, iTunes and closed down an open Quick Look audio file that was open) before installing. After the installation which went without a hitch. The DPS icon was in the menu bar like it’s supposed to be so I re-opened up iTunes, FCP and the Quick Look file which had been open. DPS Output Device opened to defaulted Built-in Output and Option/Sound Prefs menu’s Output Device showed checked DPSReflector. In iTunes, DPS toggled on and off as it should, all systems Go.

The only noticeable thing is an attenuation of gain along the entire curve. While the sound quality is excellent it seems that I can’t get the volume loud enough. In the previous version x.011, the clarity and volume were noticeably there. Even at half gain, the music was loud. Now, not so much… and this goes for headphones and the onboard 17″ unibody MacBook Pro speakers. Is this my imagination? Still, this is one awesome product.