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Hi xaqmusic,

Thanks for kind reply and ultra fast feedback. Very much appreciated!

Please do note that unless you get more reports on video playback/Spotify issues do not consider it as DPS’s fault. It was a quick report without “hours of testing”. Would not want you to waste time on tracking something that is possibly not there. I am aware that running beta OS X and beta application is not the way to report issues so it was a small remark. For example, I had major Bluetooth issues with first beta, but not with beta 2…so….

Spotify issue was weird. Apparently they did have service issues today ( So my “cutoffs” could have been and probably are related to the service (not just today).

If you can, please do try to watch Netflix or some kind of flash video for some time and see if you get glitches (audio buffer re-sync issues) on 10.11.3 or 10.11.4 as I did loose audio and got audio distortion before app resynced itself automatically. Strangely, it happened soon after I upgraded the app today. It might have to do with Chrome/Flash plugin itself and both have been upgraded several times lately. Have a programmer see if there were changes to Core Audio at all between 10.11.2 and 10.11.3/4. The mere thought of Mavericks scares me. It broke so many audio apps.

Thanks for/keep up the good work. I am looking forward to final release.