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[quote=63158]FYI, the crackle sound do occasionally appear on the first version of boom. I’m surprised that this issue is still present in this second version of boom beta. [/quote]

Thanks! Yes, there are issues with previous versions of OS X and v1. The only software that I did not experience this was Hear. But that is off topic. V2 should be ok under 10.11.2/3 as I only started having glitches when I upgraded to beta version. But…we will see about that. You should be ok using/upgrading to v2 once is released.

I do have a few things to report:

Regarding receiving (voice) calls through FaceTime, manual re-sync is needed every time to restore sound/volume to default. The issue is not occasional as I thought. I did not previously observe the behaviour closely.

I presume this is intentional behaviour, but when you turn off computer/restart with headphones plugged in (in headphone listening mode) when computer is turned on without headphones plugged in, it stays that way. It does not automatically switch to built in speakers.

Stereo controls do not stay “on” after unplugging/plugging back in headphones in headphones listening mode. I do not know if this has any effect as I personally cannot hear the difference with option turned on/off.