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Thanks to both you and Phil for looking into it and providing feedback on what is going on regarding Core Audio. Let’s keep our fingers crossed this issue will not repeat with El Capitan. I hope anyone reading this is aware I personally have issue on beta/developer build of OS X so many of you should not hesitate to upgrade/use DPS on current release of OS X. 🙂

Modes switching:

“We can make the behavior better by first recalling the last used mode then polling the headphone jack and following the user’s preference. I’ll add it to our issue list.”

If this is not too much of a problem from programming perspective and does not add (significant) overhead to application launch/startup, I, personally, would love this solution.

Suggestion for future releases:

Regarding launching Finder window upon installation/upgrade. My previous suggestion is somewhat confusing and might not have sense.

Would it be possible to suggest to your team to consider to add the following checkbox option to installer/updater:

  • Open/Run/Launch application after installation (or however you want to word it)

This way whether installing an application for the first time downloaded from your website or upgrading DPS using internal updater will allow user to run application after installation avoiding opening Finder window, launching application, closing Finder window. Unchecking that option would not close the app if it is already running, it would simply “do nothing”, or if it checked it would leave it as is without opening the main window. I do hope this explanation makes sense. This is simply to avoid window clutter. Nothing else.