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DPS should be remembering your selection for stereo enhancement on movies/music.  However, at this time it does not yet do that.  It is currently setup to read the status of stereo enhancement parameters from the bgvx profile.  In the next version (and importantly for the FULL version) it will remember the individual settings you have chosen for a given output mode based on this hierarchy:

  • Output mode (built-in, headphones or external speakers)
    • Profile
    • Output volume
    • Listening mode (music or movies)
      • Stereo enhance on/off setting
      • Stereo enhance amount (FULL version only)
      • Bass settings
      • Treble settings

These values will be reset to those contained in the profile when a new profile is selected.

The desired values will be saved when the app is quit or switched to a new output mode.


Our target for release of the FULL version is beginning of June.